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China’s Ports Play Major Role in Country’s Air Pollution


On a global level, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under the United Nations has adopted ocean shipping emission regulations for particulate matter, sulphur oxide and nitrous oxide, and designates four regions as Emissions Control Areas (ECA) – special areas with strict limits for ship emissions – across North America, U.S. Caribbean Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The North American ECA, for example, is anticipated to reduce particulate pollution by 74 percent by 2020. As one long-term strategy to reduce China’s shipping emissions, China waters could be designated as an ECA.

“As the world’s top trading nation, China has an enormous imperative and opportunity to demonstrate bold trade leadership that respects human health and the environment. By embracing 21st century port and shipping emissions control systems, China can clean up its air pollution while enabling sustainable shipping industry growth for decades to come,” said Finamore.


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Source: NRDC.