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Fujitsu Releases Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014

FujitsuTokyo – On September 30, Fujitsu announced that it has issued the English language version of its Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014, which discusses the approach, initiatives and accomplishments of the Fujitsu Group’s CSR and environmental activities.

The Fujitsu Group seeks to leverage the power of ICT from a human perspective to realize a “Human Centric Intelligent Society” that is safer, more prosperous and sustainable, and in which everyone can actively participate.

Taking as its theme “The Power of ICT for Sustainability and Beyond”, the report features case studies about how ICT is being used to solve societal issues, how to make use of a variety of managerial resources to realize a Human Centric Intelligent Society, and a stakeholder dialogue with external experts on sustainable management. It also reports the medium-term CSR activity targets set for fiscal 2020 and the Fujitsu Group’s accomplishments during fiscal 2013.

With regard to environmental initiatives, one of the company’s priority areas, the report covers major environmental performance achievements in fiscal 2013, including the company’s contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10.87 million tons through the provision of ICT.

Details of fiscal 2013 achievements are available on Fujitsu’s website, with the Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Detailed Edition] featuring CSR activities, and the Fujitsu Group Environmental Report 2014 covering environmental activities.

Overview of the Report 

Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Abridged Edition] 

A concise report of the Fujitsu Group’s CSR efforts, which are likely to be of interest to stakeholders, is available as a compact booklet entitled the Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Abridged Edition]. Its contents are summarized below:

  • Message from management

This section is a message to all stakeholders from Masami Yamamoto, Fujitsu’s President, outlining how Fujitsu uses ICT to generate human-centric innovation and describing the company’s initiatives to develop business in the area of “social innovation.”

  • Addressing social issues through business activities

As examples of using ICT to address social issues, this section introduces case studies in the four areas of urban problems, medicine, the environment, and disaster mitigation.

  • Leveraging a range of management resources

Six key persons discuss how they undertake global initiatives by applying various management resources in their respective areas of responsibility.

  • Fujitsu Group CSR

This section describes the Fujitsu CSR Policy, the five priority issues around which efforts are organized, the FUJITSU Way, which lays out the Fujitsu Group’s philosophy and principles, and the organization for putting CSR into practice.

  • Report on fiscal 2013 activities

This section reports on goals and achievements in CSR activities taken in fiscal 2013 for the five priority issues, and describes plans for fiscal 2014.

  • Management organization

This section provides an overview of Fujitsu’s organizational approach to corporate governance, compliance, and risk management, which form the foundation of the Fujitsu Group.

Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Detailed Edition] and Fujitsu Group Environmental Report 2014 

  • Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Detailed Edition]

This report expands on Fujitsu Group CSR Report 2014 [Abridged Edition], specifically Section 5, the report on fiscal 2013 activities, and Section 6, the management organization, and describes in detail the approach, organization, programs, and internal and external activities at the Fujitsu Group for bringing about a Human Centric Intelligent Society.