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H.C. Starck Publishes First Sustainability Report

Riser Tubes made by H.C. Starck Ceramics
Riser Tubes made by H.C. Starck Ceramics

Munich, Germany H.C. Starck, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology metals and advanced ceramics, is publishing its first sustainability report, thus strengthening its profile as responsible corporate citizen in the specialty chemicals industry.

The report contains information about the company’s economic, environmental and social performance along with the principles of its corporate governance. H.C. Starck also presents its product range for increasing the sustainability of high tech applications, for example, in the electronics, chemicals and automobile industry as well as in medical, energy and environmental technology.

In the report, the company details its own contribution to the long term supply of conflict-free raw materials including the conservation of resources. The report meets the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and was awarded a “B” rating by the GRI, which confirms that H.C. Starck has firmly integrated sustainability in its day-to-day business.

“We are very pleased with the positive evaluation of the first sustainability report ever in our company’s history,” explained Andreas Meier, President and CEO of H.C. Starck. “Sustainability is a core element of our company’s strategy. It incorporates our entire value chain – starting with the long term supply of conflict-free raw materials and modern, environmentally friendly production facilities and processes to our responsible employee management and the delivery of our products to the customer.”

The company has defined five key areas for its sustainability activities: raw materials procurement, product quality and innovation, recycling and environmental protection, employee development and occupational safety in addition to social and community engagement.

“As a company with a high degree of social responsibility, we adhere to all regulations worldwide plus industry and environmental standards, and we strive to continually optimize our sustainability activities even further,” continued Andreas Meier.

H.C. Starck assumes responsibility for its employees, the environment and the society. The company, for example, operates an employee development program, supports external educational projects and expands its environmental management systems to be able to further minimize the ecological impact of its activities. Commitment in these areas will be continually developed, sustainability strengthened within internal structures and processes, and reporting systematically expanded.

The GRI is a non-profit organization which promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. It is regarded as the most important initiative in the field of sustainability and provides all companies and organizations a framework which can be used worldwide for comprehensive sustainability reporting.


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Source: H.C. Starck.


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