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Penguin Deaths Attributed Directly to Climate Change


Also contributing to increasing deaths from climate change is the fact that, over 27 years, penguin parents have arrived to the breeding site later and later in the year, probably because the fish they eat also are arriving later, Boersma said. The later in the year chicks hatch, the more likely they’ll still be in their down-covered stage when storms typically pick up in November and December.

Besides the coast of Argentina, Magellanic penguins also breed on the Chile-side of South America and in the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands, breeding ranges they share with some 60 other seabird species. These species also are likely to suffer negative impacts from climate change, losing whole generations as the penguins have in the study area, the co-authors say.

“Increasing storminess bodes ill not only for Magellanic penguins but for many other species,” they write.


Check the following link to read/download the Full Study – “Climate Change Increases Reproductive Failure in Magellanic Penguins”:


Source: University of Washington.