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AESS 2013: 3rd Asia Energy Security Summit 2013 at Bangkok

Logo AESS 2013Introduction:

Asian energy resources have been critical to developed economies. However, with the ever-changing dynamics of global economics and geo-politics, the developed economies would now have to share it with Asia’s most vibrant and rising economies; thus, ushering in a new world order. The focus is on this unique moment in history, where for the first time both consumers and suppliers of oil, gas, petroleum and coal products are in the same region. New energy dynamics have resulted in an increase of stress and pressures in the race for access to energy resources.

With this energy dynamics in mind, the Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI) is organizing the 3rd Asia Energy Security Summit 2013 – a Track II diplomacy initiative – at Bangkok, Thailand, from February 28 – March 1, 2013.

The event shall be deliberating on Asian geo-politics, issues and concerns relating to access to energy resources, security and safety of energy infrastructure, sustainability of the Asian energy market, and emerging business opportunities.

ThinktoSustain.com is the Media Partner for the event.

The event aims to address the following issues:

  • Will the emerging economies of Asia steer global energy markets?
  • What implications will the surge in Shale gas production have for Asia? Debating a new world order in energy.
  • Evaluating the Geo-politics of Choke-points: Straits of Hormuz and Malacca.
  • Conflicts of Rim Nations in the South China Sea.
  • How secure is Asia’s energy infrastructure?
  • Examining the political and economic issues of energy diplomacy.
  • Trans-national Gas Pipelines: Working towards a win-win situation for all.
  • Examining the possibility of cross-border trade in electricity and resources.
  • Role of LNG in meeting the energy needs of Asia.
  • Addressing the increasing demand for coal.
  • Will Renewable Energy be a big contributor to energy requirements in Asia?

Themes for AESS 2013:

This year’s Conference will focus on:

  • Geo-politics of Energy – Global and Asian
  • Examining the Political and Economic Issues of Energy Diplomacy
  • Energy Security in Asia
  • The New World Order in Energy
  • The Great Game and its Impact on Long Term Energy Security
  • Exploring the potential of transnational trade of Electricity and Coal
  • Security of Energy Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy
  • New Energy Solutions

Energy SecuritySpeakers: (Confirmed)

Guest of Honour & Keynote Address: Hon’ble Mr. Pongsak Ruktapongpisal, Minister of Energy, Thailand

  • Mr. Nobuo Tanaka, Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability, Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, Former Executive Director, IEA
  • Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris, Assistant Professor for Geopolitics of Hydrocarbons, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Mr. Hilal A. Raza, Director, SAARC Energy Center, Pakistan
  • Dr. Hooman Peimani, Head, Energy Security Division, NUS, Singapore
  • Mr. Kayhan Barzegar, Director, Institute of Middle East Strategic Studies, Iran
  • Mr. Khondkar Abdus Saleque, Peng & FIEB Advisor, Mining, Oil & Gas, Ministry of Mines, Afghanistan
  • Mr. Vedamoorthy Namasivayam, Senior Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr. Kevin L. Rosner, Senior Fellow, IAGS, and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Energy Security, USA
  • Dr. Leila Alieva, President, Center for National and International Studies, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Ms. Sudha Mahalingam, Former Member, PNGRB, Government of India, and Former Member, NSAB, Government of India, Member, SAB, Delft University, Netherlands
  • Mr. G. Parthasarathy, Former High Commissioner of India to Pakistan, Australia and Cyprus
  • Mr. Dong Manyuan, Vice President, Chinese Institute of International Studies, Senior Research Fellow, China
  • Mr. Prashanto Banerjee, Former CMD, GAIL (India) Limited
  • Mr. Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Thailand, and India’s PR to UN-ESCAP
  • Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Ashok Mehta, Former Indian Army Officer, Defence and Security Commentator and Columnist
  • Mr. Hari Ram Koirala, Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Nepal
  • Mr. G. C. Datta Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Development Environergy Services Limited
  • Commodore (Retd.) C. Uday Bhaskar, Distinguished Fellow, Society for Policy Studies and Visiting Fellow, National Maritime Foundation (NMF), New Delhi
  • Dr. Anil Kane, President Emeritus, World Wind Energy Association, India
  • Dr. Vladimir Paramonov, Director, Central Eurasian Project, Uzbekistan
  • Mr. Monowar Islam, Secretary, Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Government of Bangladesh

Who Should Attend?

  • Government Leaders within the Asian Region (Policy-Makers)
  • Asian Industries, Academics and Associations
  • Business Organisations in the Energy Sector with Global Presence
  • International Suppliers and Consumers of Coal, Oil, Gas and Nuclear Fuel