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Agenda set for the 5th Asia Energy Security Summit 2015

t2s-ippai-aess2015Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI) is organizing the 5th in the series of its flagship events on energy security – The 5th Asia Energy Security Summit 2015 (AESS 2015) in Kathmandu, Nepal from 2ndto 4thMarch 2015.

This is a Track II Diplomacy Initiative, where Government and Industry Leaders, Regulators, Policymakers, Academicians and think tanks from across Asia discuss and debate issues relating to the entire energy spectrum, particularly the emerging issues and challenges in the Energy landscape of Asia.

event-partner-1The 5th Asia Energy Security Summit is going to focus on the energy security paradigm both on the global as well as the Asian perspective. It shall discuss the geopolitical issues that arise because of the competing demand for energy, while also assessing the availability of resources within the region and addressing the environmental concerns that arise because of rising energy consumption. The use of renewable sources of energy, with a special focus on Hydro power generation and promotion of energy efficiency norms will be discussed by industry experts.

The summit would also deliberate on global events and their impact on continental energy security. Conflicts in the Caucasus region have severe long-term ramifications so far as Russia’s gas supply to Europe is concerned. Given Europe’s sheer dependence on Russian gas to see through freezing winters, sanctions on Russia and souring of relations may witness Europe having to depend more on Middle East or on US. How the discovery of Shale in the US would impact the preeminence of Middle East and their stronghold on energy supplies would also be an interesting thing to see.

Meanwhile, the worsening of the situation in Middle East as a result of Arab Springs and unprecedented rise of violent extremist terror groups also pose serious challenges to the future viability of Middle East to continue with its seamless supply of oil. Likewise, there is a heightened level of threat to the critical energy infrastructure across the world.

Would US eventually be able to supply gas to European Markets at a viable rate? Would Russia shift its course and move more towards catering to Asian consumers like China and India to reduce its dependence on Europe? Is the Middle East losing its preeminence as a global energy basin? Will the disputes of South China Sea be resolved amicably? Is the world ready to thwart the rising threat to critical energy infrastructure that terror groups now pose? These issues would be at the core of discussions in the Summit.

The forum will also deliberate on Cross border trade of electricity between the Asian countries which could be a game changer for energy security in the region. Harmonization of regulations and policies for cross border electricity trade shall be one of the important issues to be discussed at the Summit.

The summit is supported by the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal. The Hon’ble Minister of Energy, Nepal shall be the Guest of Honor at the summit. The speakers include Energy experts, diplomats and industry leaders from India, China, Singapore, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Iran, United States, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Singapore amongst others.

The 5th AESS 2015 is being organized at the picturesque “Gokarna Forest Resort” in Kathmandu, Nepal. There will also be plenty of social opportunities for the attendees to meet and interact at the golf tournament being organized on day 3 of the Summit.

Registrations are open for residential as well as non-residential participation. For details about the conference program, registration and sponsorships, please visit www.asiaenergysecurity.com