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Lima Call for Climate Action Puts World on Track to Paris 2015



  • A special event took place on actions to reduce emissions with the help of so-called “nationally appropriate mitigation actions” (NAMAs).

NAMAs are plans of developing countries to reduce emissions and to develop sustainably which can be supported by developed countries. The UNFCCC secretariat has established a registry to match requests for and offers of support.

Climate Action on the Ground Celebrated by the UN

The UNFCCC secretariat’s Momentum for Change Initiative presented awards to representatives of some of the best examples of climate solutions in the world which inspire increased climate action.

This year’s winners, or “Lighthouse Activities”, range from a Latin American microfinance initiative that is unlocking resources for climate action across the region to a billion-dollar company that is leading a solar energy boom in Thailand. The Momentum for Change initiative this year for the first time included the category of Information and Computer technology.


Source: UNFCCC.