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New First of its Kind Tool to Help Avoid Global Food Waste


Module 2: Options for developing national or regional policies and measures for food and drink waste prevention and reduction

This Module provides an overview of the mechanisms that can influence food waste, namely legislative measures, fiscal measures, information provision, and motivational strategies.

Module 3: Developing and implementing programmes to prevent and reduce household food and drink waste

This Module focuses on two proven approaches to reducing household food waste:

1) A household and consumer engagement campaign, raising awareness, encouraging behaviour change, and equipping consumers with the necessary information, tools and skills.
2) Changes to product, packaging and labelling, enabling consumers to buy the right amount of food and use what they buy.

Module 4: Preventing and reducing food waste in the food and drink business supply chain (manufacturing, retail, hospitality and food service)

This Module provides guidance both for individual businesses (strategy design, tools and examples, and measurement and reporting) and for voluntary collective action programmes, providing a framework for businesses to work collaboratively across sectors and supply chains.