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Fuji Xerox Australia Releases 2013 Sustainability Report

Sustainable Paper SourcingSydney, AustraliaFuji Xerox Australia released its 2013 Sustainability Report on September 2. The report details the company’s approach and success in delivering sustainable practices over the last year, with Fuji Xerox Australia making significant inroads in transforming its organisational practices to meet changing market needs.

Sustainability is at the core of Fuji Xerox Australia’s efforts to enhance the customer experience and establish a truly customer-centric work culture. During the 12/13 period, Fuji Xerox Australia implemented its ‘Own Best Customer’ project, refurbishing its national office and production print environments to reflect the best of its products, solutions and service offerings. This initiative was designed to provide employees with the same experience as delivered to customers, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the efficiencies that Fuji Xerox Australia products and services offer.

An analysis of improving Fuji Xerox Australia’s head office print environment from this project, demonstrated benefits including:

  • Carbon and energy savings equivalent to 90 fewer cars (352,043 kg CO2) on the road for a single year
  • Solid waste savings (29,368 kg) equivalent to six fewer garbage truck payloads of waste in one year

Fuji Xerox Australia has worked with customers to support their sustainability efforts and ongoing move to digitisation, by delivering solutions and services tailored to their evolving needs. For example, Fuji Xerox Australia worked with Cornish College in Melbourne to install a fleet of multifunction devices and software solutions to streamline their operations and management.

Kerry Bolger, Principal of Cornish College, said, “We were very interested in Fuji Xerox Australia’s philosophy on sustainability. We are endeavouring to do business with companies that think in a like-minded way. That’s very important to us. I was aware of Fuji Xerox Australia’s reputation, and they have proved their case.”

“Customer centricity has been a main focus for us in 12/13,” said Amanda Keogh, Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific and Australia. “We are working with our employees and our customers to gain greater understanding of how we can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. In 13/14, we will roll-out a number of our initiatives developed during 12/13, including a capability development program so that our sales people can have meaningful sustainability conversations with our customers, and expanding our FSC carbon neutral paper range.”

Fuji Xerox Australia’s continuing approach to sustainable paper sourcing saw sales of its FSC, FSC carbon neutral, PEFC certified and recycled papers increase by 32 percent during the 12/13 period. They now account for 99 percent of total paper sales by volume, compared to 67 percent in 11/12. To build on this success, Fuji Xerox Australia will expand its FSC carbon neutral paper range in 13/14 to include both digital and recycled stocks to further support customers in lowering their Scope 3 carbon footprint, while also ensuring an ongoing partnership with suppliers to develop emissions management plans that achieve actual reductions.

Over the past year, Fuji Xerox Australia also underwent a significant real estate transformation which led to an 11 percent reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Investments were made in energy efficient lighting upgrades and sustainable design to ensure refurbished sites have high environmental performance as well as being inspiring places to work.

Fuji Xerox Australia’s 2013 sustainability report was independently assured by Net Balance and complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 B+ level requirements.

The full report is optimised for browsing on desktop and tablet devices. A concise version is available in PDF and is focused on Fuji Xerox Australia’s top ten material issues. Both are available from the Fuji Xerox Australia 2013 Report Centre.


Source: Fuji Xerox Australia.


About Fuji Xerox Australia

Fuji Xerox Australia offers managed print solutions and a huge range of office printers, multifunction devices, copiers and software. Fuji Xerox Australia is well recognised for its commitment to sustainability through various awards including election to the ‘United Nations 500 Roll of Honour’ for environmental leadership, and the Banksia Award for ‘Leading in Sustainability’. For more information, visit www.fujixerox.com.au.