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The 2nd World Smart Grid Conference India Week

Logo 2nd World Smart Grid Conference India WeekIntroduction:

“Smart Grid” has become a buzz word in the past few years as countries worldwide are facing serious climate challenges. But the pursuit of lower carbon emissions is not the only driver for the world’s leading utilities’ ‘going green’. A self-healing, more reliable, less constrained, safer and more efficient grid is in the interest of all stakeholders. That is why in U.S., Europe and Australia, utilities are constantly implementing smart technologies into their grids. China is planning to increase the renewable energy proportion to 10 percent of the total energy use by 2010, and 15 percent by 2020. There are signs of active smart grid initiatives in Brazil, Africa and Middle East as well.

India has the fifth largest Electricity Grid in the world and the world’s third largest Transmission & Distribution network. However, the demand from increased economic activities and the rising living standard of population has led to a situation where the supply of energy falls short of the demand. India power industry is facing major challenges like huge supply shortfalls, power theft, poorly planned distribution networks, and low metering efficiency and bill collection. For India, the smart grid may offer a unique opportunity to leap -frog into a vastly improved electricity environment.

Following the success of Smart Grid Conference organized in Mumbai last year, SZ&W Group is pleased to announce The 2nd World Smart Grid Conference India Week, which will be held in Delhi on September 12-14, 2012. By moving to Delhi, the event will attract more senior participations from India Ministry of Power, central regulatory authorities and Delhi utilities, and would provide understanding on India’s smart grid initiatives, roadmap, regulatory environment, ongoing pilots of local utilities; facilitate networking with local and international smart grid industry executives; and share insights on the future market developments.

ThinktoSustain.com is the Media Partner for the event.

Conference Takeaways:

  • Address on Today and Tomorrow’s Weakness and Challenges for India’s Power Industry
  • Look into the Vision, Roadmap and Regulatory Environment for India Smart Grid Roll-out
  • Examine the Progress Made by Local Utilities in the Current Smart Grid Implementation
  • Deliver key Experiences from International Smart Grid Project Implementation
  • 3 Day Activities with 9 presentation sessions
  • Over 40 Eminent Speakers
  • 20 Exhibition Booths for showcasing latest technology
  • Expected 400 Senior Industry Executives
  • Over 25 Relaxed Networking Hours
  • 15 Smart Grid International and Local Pilot Project Updates

Who Should Attend?

The Conference invites – Chairmen, MDs and CEOs; General Managers; Strategy Directors; Business Development Directors; CFOs and Finance Directors; R & D Directors, CTOs, Heads of Engineering; CIOs; Heads of Billing, Metering and Customer Service – from:

  • Smart GridUtilities
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Renewable Power Producers & Equipment Providers
  • Transmission Operators
  • Distribution Operations, Automation and Generation
  • Smart Meter Manufacturers and Distributors / Meter Data Management
  • Asset Management
  • Energy Efficiency / Demand Response
  • ICT and Communications/ IT and Software System Providers/ System Integrators
  • Auto Makers, Charge Point Manufacturers, Energy Storage & Battery
  • Power Equipment Manufacturers & Vendors
  • Venture Capital
  • Standard Development Organizations
  • Academics, R & D Organizations

Speakers & Panelists (Confirmed and Invited):

  • P. Uma Shankar, Secretary, Ministry of Power (Invited)
  • Sam Pitroda, Head India Smart Grid Task Force (Invited)
  • Ashok Khurana, Director General, Association of Power Producers, Former Additional Secretary of Power to Indian Government
  • Kaushal K. Agrawal, Member (Grid Operation and Distribution) & Ex Officio Additional Secretary Government of India, Central Electricity Authority
  • Pankaj Batra, Chief (Engineering), Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Jayant Deo, CEO and Managing Director, India Energy Exchange
  • Narendra Singh Sodha, Executive Director. Load Dispatch and Communication, POWERGRID
  • S. K. Sharma, Dy. Director General, Association of Power Producers