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Growing Support from US Mutual Funds for Action on Climate Risks


“These votes signal growing investor concern about the cost to companies of greenhouse gas emissions in an increasingly carbon-constrained global economy,” said Jackie Cook of Fund Votes. “At present, companies’ securities disclosures contain little or no quantitative information on emissions and emissions reduction targets. Companies’ narrative climate disclosures are mostly boilerplate and inconclusive as to how emissions regulation and physical climate impacts will affect business in the future. Mutual funds are voting for better, more actionable climate disclosure.”


Source: Ceres.


About Ceres

Ceres is a non-profit organization mobilizing business and investor leadership on climate change and other global sustainability challenges. Ceres directs the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a network of over 110 institutional investors with collective assets totalling more than $13 trillion. Ceres also directs Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), an advocacy coalition of more than 30 businesses committed to working with policy makers to pass meaningful energy and climate legislation. For more information, visit www.ceres.org.