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70 Per Cent of Australians Think Climate Change is Occurring


The launch of this report follows last Sunday’s launch of The Climate Institute’s “Stop the Dinosaurs” communication campaign outside Parliament. This campaign aims to highlight the effectiveness of carbon and renewable energy laws in reducing pollution and increasing renewable energy while the economy has continued to grow. The campaign can be found at www.stopthedinosaurs.org.au.


The full communication package of Climate of the Nation 2014 – including factsheets, infographics and Vox Pop videos – are available the following link:


Source: The Climate Institute.


The Climate Institute was established in 2005, funded through private philanthropy. It is an independent, non-partisan research and communications organisation focused on highlighting the impacts of climate change and finding solutions to how to tackle them, whether at the macro-economic level, or via particular sector initiatives. For more information, visit www.climateinstitute.org.au.