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Sustainable Future Dependent on Energy Industry Support, Warns WEC


Roland Rechtsteiner, Partner at Oliver Wyman, said, “The analysis that we have conducted with the World Energy Council clearly shows where countries and industry must focus their endeavours to deliver results. We identify five key energy profiles – the Pack Leaders, the Fossil-fuelled, the Hydro-powered, the Highly-industrialized and the Back of the Pack – to highlight the common challenges that countries face.”

Hwan-eik Cho, Chairman of the World Energy Congress 2013 Organizing Committee, said, “This report reminds us that the public and private sectors cannot make the tough choices necessary to secure a sustainable energy future without having a proper dialogue.”


WEC’s 2013 World Energy Trilemma report, including  the complete Energy Sustainability Index and an Executive Summary, is available to download at www.worldenergy.org/publications.


Source: WEC.



  • The Energy Sustainability Index is based on an analysis of 60 data sets that were used to develop 23 indicators across 129 countries. The Index provides a comparative ranking and a ‘balance score’ for how countries manage the three core elements of sustainable energy systems – energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. The ranking measures overall performance on the Index while the balance score – for the first time – highlights how well a country manages the trade-offs between the three dimensions.
  • This is second in a two-part series of reports prepared in collaboration with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman to examine the drivers and risks in the development of sustainable energy systems. It follows the 2012 report which described the policies that more than 40 energy industry CEOs and senior executives consider necessary to advance sustainable energy systems.