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About Us

Thinktosustain.com is a knowledge portal for sustainable development initiatives taken by Industry, Institutions and Individuals worldwide. It is an IIM Alumni initiative. The team consists of environmentalists, industry professionals, knowledge management experts, researchers and consultants, whose aim is –

  • to bring out the best initiatives that have the potential to significantly impact our environment in positive ways.
  • to highlight the consequences of development models, lifestyles and institutional frameworks.
  • to build a platform for mutual discussions, sharing of ideas and efforts on issues related to global warming, climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity and anything related to nature.


To be one of the best informative websites on sustainable development initiatives


To build a vibrant knowledge platform to facilitate awareness thought leadership and solutions exchange across Industry, Institutions and Individuals on sustainable development.


To act as a change agent to promote sustainable development by –

  • Showcasing Innovations, Initiatives and Solutions that are practical and have the potential to mitigate negative consequences of development.
  • Building a knowledge repository on sustainable development practices to address the needs of Industry, Institutions and Individuals.
  • Addressing a wide-range of consequences of development on Nature, Society and Economy.
  • Developing thought leadership, shaping opinions and attitudes.
  • Promoting eco-friendly products and services.
  • Facilitating dissemination of information and sharing view-points.
  • Influencing Policy, Plans and Decisions of key agencies.