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Colloquium on Biodiversity: Earth’s Most Valuable Resource – Why does it matter to Business?

Event Date: Tuesday, 27 April 2010
Location: Wildlife Institute of India, Chandrabani, Dehradun
Organized By: CII and WII
Biodiversity – the diversity of species and ecosystems on earth – is an issue of global importance and it lies at the core of sustainable development. It forms a critical ingredient into the productivity and outputs of the global economy and forms a pillar for the quality of life of people across the world.
Despite its immense moral, cultural and economic value, biodiversity and its ecosystem services are being lost and degraded at an unprecedented rate as a result of anthropogenic activities. The growth of large urban areas, construction activities such as dams, buildings and roads, encroachment on vast areas of forest lands for extension of arable expanses and mining operations are examples of direct onslaughts on nature which have steadily depleted biodiversity.
The biodiversity impacts have substantial social and economic consequences as they result in the irrevocable damage and degradation of ecological services that people, societies and businesses depend on. Thus, without a concerted effort to protect and conserve biodiversity the entire human race would be in danger. Loss of species and habitats, wetlands conservation, wildlife trade, pollution, and climate change are concerns requiring efforts to be effectively addressed.
As businesses have a two-way relationship with biodiversity, encompassing both the impact of companies on biodiversity, and the impact of biodiversity on companies, they have prime responsibility & significant influence on the conservation of biological diversity. At the same time, the involvement of key policy makers in the promotion of legal and policy regimes that protect the rights of countries, individuals, communities and corporations, can assist in accomplishing the goal of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. 
Therefore, in order to protect, conserve, restore biodiversity, a concerted response from governments, the business community and society is required. This Multi-stakeholder Partnership (MSP) involving governments, industry, local community, conservationists, forest departments and other user groups, may lead to win-win situation.
About the Event
With the above background and to celebrate the year 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development in association with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) is organizing the “Colloquium on Biodiversity: Earth’s Most Valuable Resource – Why does it matter to Business?” at WII’s campus at Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
This Colloquium will focus and deliberate on the two very specific aspects, i.e., Biodiversity: A Business Case and Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation: A Policy Road Map
0930 – 1000 hrs: Registration
1000 – 1115 hrs: Inaugural Session
1115 – 1145 hrs: Tea/Coffee Break
1145 – 1330 hrs: Plenary Session (Biodiversity: A Business Case)
1330 – 1430 hrs: Networking Lunch
1430 – 1615 hrs: Plenary Session (Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation: A Policy Road Map)
All those interested are cordially invited to participate in this Colloquium on this vital subject of Biodiversity Conservation. Please note that the participation is by invitation only. There are limited seats available; hence, you are requested to kindly fill in the Reply Form and send it back to the address mentioned in the contact details below.
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Source: CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development.